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Proper selection of Proportional and Integral gains is the first task one challenges when he's starting to work with real microscope. We've decided to make it easer to understand what it's all about by implementing a special microscope regime called "Feedback Tuning". In this mode we add an exitation to the feedback chain, and observe the responce. The exitation is a rectangular pulse, which height we can adjust. So, we know what the ideal responce should look like - then we trying to adjust Proportional and Integral gains in a such way that the actual responce was the closest to the ideal one.

Below you can run Java 1.5 Applet for feedback tuning
To perform feedback tuning:
  1. Enter your name in the "User Name" field.
  2. Push "Connect" button. Button text should change to "Disconnect".
  3. Push "Start" buton. Button text should change to "Stop".
  4. Tune feedback by changing Proportional and Integral gains. Other parameters can be set to suitable values.
  5. When done, stop the process and disconnect from server.
The Red line is the ideal responce, and the Green one is an actual responce.
Your browser doesn't support applets
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