FemtoScan - the first Internet-driven microscope

Scanning probe microscope FemtoScan represents the new age of SPMs. Some of it's exciting features makes it possible to use this microscope over the Internet. The entire system allows multiple users to be connected to the microscope at the same time. While one of them manages the scan process, others could observe the images and process them in different ways. The structure of microscope is represented at the fig.1.

netfscolor.GIF (6466 bytes)
Fig.1. 1-FemtoScan SPM, 2-remote client(s).

Software package designed to use it on Windows NT® and Windows 95® operating systems. Multiple documents interface provides convenient way to represent obtained data. Images could be freely transferred through the clipboard into the other programs.

This microscope is specially designed for Open Learning and Multi-User Applications at scientific centers.

Here you can find more information about different parts of FemtoScan SPM:

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