FemtoScan 001 - FAQ

Russian version

  1. Message "Wrong configuration data version…"
  2. Problems with library Open GL
  3. How to build a histogram for a part of image
  4. How to look the comments for NanoscopeTM files
  5. How to copy and print files seen in Quick View
  6. Quick View Parameters and other options
  7. About Macros
  8. Scale and color palette
  9. Hilight (Illumination)
  1. Message "Wrong configuration data version…"     ^
  2. This message appears during the first installation of the FemtoScan program. In this case you don't need to pay attention on it. In newer version this message does not appears.

  3. Problems with library Open GL    ^
  4. The new version of the FemtoScan program doesn't contain the library Open GL. The volume of installation files has been decreased. If you use an old version of Windows, probably you don't have this library. Windows versions starting from OSR 2 (1996) have this libraries. If you have some problems with 3D View, please switch off Open GL. To do it choose File/Options in the menu. In the dialog View remove the mark against 3d View Use Open GL.
    Another solution - make a copy of libraries opengl32.dll č glu32.dll into the system directory of Windows. The libraries may be taken from a new versions of Windows.

  5. How to build a histogram for a part of image    ^
  6. To make a Histogram for a  Selected Area, please Duplicate this area into a new image. Now you can build a Histogram.

  7. How to look the comments for NanoscopeTM files    ^
  8. Choose the command Parameters in the menu View or in the popup menu, which appears after pressing the right button of the Mouse.

  9. How to copy and print files seen in Quick View     ^
  10. All the images seen in  Quick View can be copied into the Windows buffer by pressing <Alt>-<Print Screen>. In your text or graphic Editor choose Paste (usually Ctrl-V or Shift-Ins)

  11. Quick View Parameters and other options    ^
  12. The parameters for Quick View may be adjusted in dialog Options window  from the File menu. You can adjust:
    [Toolbars] - Toolbar content
    [View] - Image parameters used as default on every new program run
    [Menu] - additional menu
    [QuickView] - Legend view, seen on the images of Quick View, number of images (Show All Images)
    [Q.V.Title] - type of the title for Quick View.

  13. About macros    ^
  14. The command of the menu Tools/Macro/Create is used for the macros creation. After taking this command you will see the dialog Macros with several panels. On the left panel you will see a set of possible commands and the corresponding buttons as they appear on the Toolbars. Use the Mouse to move the commands into the right panel in order to form the macros with the Name seen above the panel (e.g., New Macro). The command order may be changed also with the Mouse. If you press the button mdel.GIF (184 bytes) , the current macros will be removed. In the upper line the name of the macros appears, assigned to the button  mmacro.GIF (185 bytes) on the Toolbars. The macros to be edited (if you have many) may be chosen with the help of the popup menu. The edited macros may be connected with the Toolbars by pressing the button mseticon.GIF (213 bytes) , which is placed near the red cross. The created macros are placed in the menu Mathematics at the bottom under the separator. The first macro is assigned to the button mmacro.GIF (185 bytes) on the ToolBars.

  15. Scale and color palette    ^
  16. Pressing the right button of the mouse on the color palette you can choose any of the FemtoScan pallets or create your unique one (Custom). By removing the option Autoscaling  you will see two black lines which can be moved by the Mouse. In this case the Z-scale may be adjusted manually. In Autoscaling regime the scale corresponds to the distance between the upper and lower regions of the image.

  17. Hilight (Illumination)   ^
  18. The Hilight option will let you to see small topographical features on the Height image. Don't use Hilight option for deflection Images.
    The data about the true height is removed after using the Hilight.