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Page Updated: 08-Feb-2010
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Sensors with Remote Operation for Chemical and Biological Protection

Pilot Study

Pilot countries
bullet Russian Federation
bullet USA
Contact persons

Professor Yuri L. Lyubchenko (USA) ylyubchenko@unmc.edu


Professor Igor V. Yaminsky (Russia)


The objectives of this study, co-directed by Russian Federation and the United States, are

  • To develop highly sensitive technology and instrumentation for direct biochemical analysis of liquids and gases utilizing a novel sensor system.
  • To optimize conditions for binging of target molecules via surface chemistry development
  • To design and build the devices with remote control capable of highly sensitive detecting of specific substances in gas media or in liquids such as human blood as well as other physiological liquids.
  • To involve end-users in the commercialization of the technology for biochemical control of a human health.


Report 09/30/2009

Overview of Achievements since the Start of the Project
  • Application of biospecific reactions of complementary DNA molecules for cantilever sensor creation was investigated.
  • Researches concerning to formation of polymer polyelectrolyte on charged surface of the cantilever were carried out...


Report 03/31/2009

Overview of Achievements since the Start of the Project

  • Two schemes of protein immobilization were studied during this period of time.
  • Unique methods of cantilever surfaces modification were developed...